Grab some Green Bag-Bags to store those Reusable Bags.


It started with a pile of bags

I just remember standing over this huge pile of bags at the front door and thinking to myself “I need a bag for these Bags”.

Seeing a dream come alive

In 2011 with the support of my family we secured the first manufactured batch of my new design which I called a Green Bag-Bag. 

Now to tell the world

Despite the huge break its now time to  share how these simple bags keep those reusable shopping bags stored and ready for use. 


Hi my name is Romola and Welcome to  Green On The Go Bags. 

Like I've said earlier Green On The Go Bags all came about around 8 yrs ago when I was on maternity leave with my second son. The day my bag was created I had decided to clean out the pantry and the first thing on the list was to get those damn Green bags back out to the car!

I just remember standing over this huge pile of bags at the front door and thinking to myself “I need a bag for these Bags” and an idea was born, and the Green Bag-Bags came alive.

I just found it really hard to get them all together and carry them around the shops with two younger boys even though the reusable shopping bags were much better to use.

With some major NSW retailers finally banning single use plastic bags, I decided it was time to finally get my stock out of storage and get my dream off the ground.

Also I wanted to share that the meaning behind the business name was really a play on words. As a mum I "wanted to be Green while I'm busy and on the go". Though I have lost touch with this at times I am connecting back to this part of me and I have already sourced reusable produce bags to now sell as I have implemented this into my families life recently and I wanted to share this with others 

Like most Mums in business its not easy to balance everything and I've certainly had some set backs, but with some recent luck with getting my product and name out to the world and the huge positive feedback I've received I know my little business is here to stay.

My vision is to continue to grow and expand Green On The Go Bags with  more products that I find helpful in my own family's journey, so that many others can also be a little greener while they are busy and on the go too.

So stay tuned xoxox

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