For around the last 4yrs I have been a wellness advocate of DoTERRA Essential Oils. I love the way they support and empower my health needs and my families and friends.

At times I am guilty of not sharing this dream nor speaking about the amazing benefits I have found (like my bags).

I have always wanted to share them more with others but I guess mum life sometimes just gets in the way of dream life.

BUT everything happens for a reason and I am putting this page here to remind myself and others that this is another dream of mine and if you are reading this and you want to find out more please follow the link below to go to my personal wellness advocates portal.

Once there you can access more information about DoTERRA and if you would like to join my oil family please reach out and contact me through this personal portal or feel free to go and join my family via the Join & Save button.

To see the full range of DoTERRA products and even more about the company feel free to check out  

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